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I’ve made a promise to have the shop remodel completely finished by the end of the fall so we can start on the more important project of remodeling the cabin next year, so I am seeking professional help.  Phillip Steen, a long time friend who played a major role in the building of the original cabin has come in to do the porch railings and David is building stone steps from the lower shop garage to the upper driveway.

We decided on a porch railing design very similar to the one on our cabin as seen in the photo to the left.  However, instead of  recycled poplar pickets and oak framing found on the cabin we are using the western cedar 2×6’s I recently purchased.  Phillip carefully mortised the upper and lower 2×6 rails into the locust porch columns.  A local sawmill used their large band-saw to re-saw some of the 2×6’s into 9/16ths stock to create the thinner pickets.  With my assistance Phillip finished the front porch railing yesterday, and baring rain we will get the other sided done today.

David has been working on the stone stairway for about two weeks now and has built thirteen steps with three steps and a landing to go before he reaches the top of the driveway.  With his meticulous selection of stones, frequent breaks (lifting stones is hard work) and ready story to tell, David gets one to two steps built a day.  Having never been around stone masonry work before I’ve enjoyed watching the steps go up the hillside.  I am just glad I agreed to pay this artist in stone by the square foot and not by the hour.


Phillip installing the porch railing pickets.


Finished railing.


Porch railing from another angle.


David resting from a hectic day of building steps.  A one foot high side wall will encase the steps when they are finished.  The drip edge of the roof runs right down the middle of these steps.  Gutters are problematic to keep clean on our wooded lot so I am expecting the steps to serve a secondary purpose as a ground gutter preventing soil erosion on the steep slope.  I am going to miss David’s company when he is finished.


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  • Bob Adam says:

    I thought the orange plastic railing had a certain charm. It reminded me of autumn leaves.

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