Cedar Shingle Laundry

Posted by Lloyd on September 19, 2013 | Subscribe
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The upper level of our remodeled cabin will be covered with sawn cedar shingles.  True to mine and Susan’s refusal to work from great heights form (and also refusal to pay for someone to do it for us) we have started staining the shingles before they are installed.  We are using Woodscapes by Sherwin-Williams semi-opaque stain, color Spice Chest.

After much discussion and head scratching we decided to dip the shingles to apply the stain.  Advantages to dipping include a heavy, even coating with great grain penetration on the butt end of the shingle.  Disadvantages mostly surround the constant back bending required to dip and laundry elbow syndrome resulting from the ergonomics of our setup.

The process is simple.  Dip shingle in white stain bucket, place in green or grey drain bin, hang with clothes pin to dry and repeat the process a million times.




After a morning of dipping, the knoll in front of our house started to look like a mini Cristo art exhibit.  Unfortunately with the temperatures in the 50’s over the last couple of days, it takes a long time for the shingles to dry.




Finally, our work crew framed in the front gable of the cabin.




With the porch roof in place and the gable framed in, we can get a better perspective of what our remodeled cabin will look like.  Clouds rolled in in the afternoon and then the rain started.




Our windows were delivered today and four got installed before quitting time.  It is exciting to see the large holes in our house being closed up.  These windows are in our dining room.




With the cool fall temperatures leaves are starting to fall, adding color the forest floor I’m strolling across to hang shingles.




And the cool summer has our Christmas Cactus totally confused so that it is blooming in September.



  • Pete says:

    Phew! I’m finally caught up on everything you’re up to. Your cabin in the woods looks like it’s going to be very impressive!

  • Lloyd says:

    Pete, I appreciate you taking the time to catch up. Good to hear from you.

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