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Wednesday morning I woke up with a dusting of snow on the ground and the mercury stuck at 15 degrees.  While the sun was shining, I was glad to have indoor shop work to take care of.  A door jamb needed to be built so I can get the front door, laying finished on my workbench, installed.

The frosty/snowy peak of Big Bald can be seen in the middle center of this photo.

After my last post I received a question “where are you staying Lloyd with the motor home in Florida?”  My plan, when Susan left with the RV in advance of a cold front bringing sub freezing temperatures, was to sleep in the shop, grabbing an occasional shower from a neighbor.  However, when my builder offered a one bedroom condo .6 miles from the shop, I didn’t argue.  The side wall of my condo can be seen on the left side of the photo.  I have great views, ten times the space of the RV, washer and dryer but miss my partner and shingle laundry manager, Susan.



Today it is 50 degrees and the clouds are hanging low in the valleys, making the mountains look like islands in a lake.



The extension on the kitchen window has been framed in and the support blocks I wrote about in my last post are installed.




With the bump-out framed in, the kitchen is taking shape.  We tried to keep the floor plan as open as possible so here you can see how the kitchen flows into the dining area.



After all the exacting work of building and finishing this door my palms were sweaty as drilled the holes for the door knob/lock set.  Get the holes wrong and it is difficult to correct.




Whew!  The hardware fits.  Door handle was manufactured by Emtek and is their Arts & Crafts model.




Even bigger whew, the hinge mortises all matched up and the door fits the jamb!  The 300 pound door is hung on four ball bearing bronze hinges, also made by Emtek.  I still need to install the sill under the door and the door stops within the jamb.  Good thing I finished the door before hanging it.  Rain started shortly after I took the photo and wind blew a fine mist onto the door.




The master bedroom end of the cabin had not been touched in more than a month, leaving the cantilevered bump-out without a roof.  With all the exterior finishes and trim finished on the upper level the carpenters have turned to the ground level.  Friday they framed and decked the roof of the bump out and installed the bedroom window.  It is great to have a couple of more big holes sealed in.  I’ve got to finish the support brackets that go under the bump-out this weekend for installation on Monday.



  • John Krieger says:

    Lloyd, just catching up on your blog. Hard to imagine freezing temps right now when our weather is relatively mild. The physical nature of your work is in stark contrast to all of the virtual work we do out here. Enjoy feasting with your family.

  • Lloyd says:

    John, I appreciate you keeping up with my blog. After years of sitting behind a desk and arguably using my brain, I love the physical labor. My weight is down to where it was when I graduated from college and I feel good. Even the freezing weather presents a challenge I get perverse pleasure from. Kind for like the summer you and I spent those 100+ degree days in the Texas sun building shelves. In a week or two I’ll bail out and go to Florida and enjoy the warmer weather, but for now there are things to get done here.

  • Sharon Skeenes says:

    It’s great to see your home taking shape so beautifully! Enjoy your family over the holidays while you have visions of 2014!

  • Lloyd says:

    Thanks Sharon for the comment. We are going to need to get Ed out here on the job before we are finished. Since he worked on the first version of the cabin it is only fitting that he helps on the second.

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