You Can See It From Outer Space

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You can’t really see our house project from space but you can see it from Big Bald Road.

A few days ago a friend stopped by the shop to visit, and during the course of the visit mentioned he was driving down Big Bald Road recently and saw something he was not used to seeing had emerged through the denuded trees.  White Tyvek is not a very subtle color in a forest that’s lost its leaves so we are hoping the cabin will blend in a little better when it get it’s terra-cotta colored roof and grey board and batten siding.

For 35 years our cabin couldn’t be seen from the road we live on, much less Big Bald Road, so we are having to come to grips with its new visibility.

I was glad Gene stopped to report our home appeared from the forest because the view gives a bit of perspective on the project and how it relates to the shop.  The reddish brown roof seen in the lower front of the cabin is the shop.  A stack of metal the same color as the shop roof was delivered on the lot yesterday so hopefully soon there will be a finished roof protecting everything.

Photo was taken about a mile away from our home and at 400′ in elevation above it with a 200 mm lens.




I dipped and hung out to dry the last four bundles of shingles we had ordered to allow our workman to finish the master bedroom end of the cabin.  There is about 10 square feet of shingles needed to cover a couple of spots on the other sided of the house with shingles but the weather has gotten so iffy that we closed the shingle laundry for the winter.  I’ll have to apply the last of the cedar shingles next spring.

Our contractor is covering the exposed Tyvek with grey board and battens currently.  My shop porch intrudes into the left side of the photograph.



Why pay skilled labor to do mindless work when I can do it for free?  Here is a photo of me ripping the batten strips for the siding.  Two hours later I had a big pile of battens that needed their edges stained.  Instructions on the Woodscapes stain can warned not to apply below 35 degrees, which is what the thermometer read as I applied the stain.

It’s nice having an over-the-blade dust collection system on my table saw.  At the end of this ripping experience there was almost no dust on the saw or shop floor.




The front door stops, weather stripping, threshold and temporary glass have been installed.



Shop Tip:  If you need to close your E. L. Fudge shop cookies bag to keep them fresh, use a small spring clamp.  I think this has been the best use of these clamps (that’s cramps if you are a Brit reading this blog) since I purchased them.




About once a week through the course of the summer I have taken a pickup load of building debris to the landfill, a 20 mile drive through the mountains  past this mailbox.  Even though I know it is there I usually smile when I pass Airmail road and see this mailbox sticking about 20′ in the air.  I’m guessing some old geezer lives here who put the mailbox up back in the day when there was an airmail rate.  Later, when the 911 system was being installed and all rural driveways had to be given a street name, Airmail seemed to be a pretty good name for the street.



  • John Shearin says:

    Another sign of your good taste . . . “fudgiemen.”

  • go4mars says:

    Airmail. LOL.

  • Cary McAllaster says:

    Looks great, and I bet it can be seen from outer space. NSA is listening too. You do good work!

  • Lloyd says:

    Thanks Cary…with the NSA listening in I am laying awake at night trying to remember what I’ve said. Oops, now they are going to be following my blog too.

  • Lloyd says:

    I’m thinking of doing a photo series on interesting mailboxes. Do you have an entry?

  • Lloyd says:

    What’s a shop without shop cookies? Where does one go for creative inspiration without an ample supply of those crunchy elvin vanilla wafers cradling deliciously fudgy chocolate cream to masticate on?

  • Ron Brese says:

    Your cabin home is looking great. Can’t wait to see the board and batten siding installed. The siding and roof will make for a big change. I’m guessing you guys are ready to see a “big” change?

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