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During the holidays Susan and I traveled to Calgary, AB to spend Christmas with my Canadian family. Then it was on to Atlanta to celebrate the new year with our children and grandchildren.  But the desire to see what Freddy our contractor had done to finish up the Cabin exterior was too great to not create a travel plan that went through Asheville, NC.

Here is the view of the house that met us as Susan and I walked up the driveway.  Try to ignore the construction debris and focus more on the fact that the house is no longer smaller than the shop.  I can quit being defensive about why I had a woodworking shop bigger than our cabin.




We now have a home with two front doors.  The original door centered in the log cabin will continue to be our primary front door.  However, the new front door on the right has a foyer behind it and a laundry room adjoining.  We are planning for water and mud resistant natural slate floors behind the new door and expect to use it as our bad weather entrance.




One of our primary reasons to view the cabin over the holidays was to see how the stain color on the board and batten siding blended in with the logs of the cabin and the surrounding woods.  Even though we had spent hours applying stain to the siding, it was impossible to completely visualize the color working until it was installed.  Susan and I really like the blend of colors.  Can’t wait to get a pine ceiling covering those trusses up.



Since going on a hunting trip was a higher priority than finishing our chimney, the onset of freezing weather has kept our mason from applying the last five feet of stone.  After this photo was taken a tarp was placed over the unfinished chimney to keep water from collecting and freezing in the unprotected areas.

The white Tyvek you see is also waiting for spring and Susan reopening her shingle laundry so we can get enough shingles stained to finish the job.




The master bedroom end of the home probably shows the best mix of the colors and textures of the cabin: terra cotta roof, spice chest colored shingles, river birch hued siding and black alder trim.




Close up of the support brackets under the master bedroom bump out.




Another view of the master bedroom bump out taken from my shop porch.  Our architect’s plan did not have the trim details worked out so what you see is the result of many discussions between me and head carpenter Tim…and of course final approval by Susan.




I should have gotten a hammer and knocked those temporary braces off the porch posts before taking this photo of the rear of the cabin.  If anyone is inspired by looking at this photo as to what the porch railing should look like I would love to hear from you.  The pressure is on to finalize the railing design because the grandchildren are coming to visit.




Our mountain neighbors Willie and Debbie invited us to stay with them during our cabin visit.  We enjoyed their warm fire and gracious hospitality.  I took this photo from their back deck as the winter sun set behind us.



  • Bill Ray says:

    Looks great Lloyd! Sarah and I will be in Florida for a few days next month. Maybe we can get together for a few hours.

  • Sarah Ray says:

    Lloyd and Susan, It looks wonderful! All your hours of hard work finally bringing results you can see. How exciting!

  • Bill & Tracey says:

    Looking fantastic! Railing is important…I think I would visit houses in WL to see what looks best..height is important… sit in a chair and visualize your view. I think I would want something that looks solid but I would not want a railing that substantially blocks my view while sitting.

  • Lloyd says:

    Thanks Bill and Tracey. Looking forward to seeing you all this summer. Maybe I can get you to help me put us some of that deck railing:)

  • Lloyd says:

    Sarah, when are you going to come back up for a visit? I have some more big piles of lumber to move.

  • Lloyd says:

    Thanks Bill. Looking forward to seeing you.

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