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on March 12, 2014 with 6 Comments
in Family Stories

Grandson Owen was born on February 23rd around 6:00 PM to our son Brian and his wife Allison. Owen’s eight pound seven ounce birth weight, twenty-one inch length and beautiful face gave all the appearance of a healthy baby.

However, within hours the parents were told by a doctor they could hear a heart murmur in Owen, but not to worry because many babies enter the world with irregular heart beats that often are not serious.  It turns out our grandson’s heart sounds led to the diagnosis of a very rare and serious heart defect known as Shones Complex.

We live with the illusion the ground under our feet is solid and we have some control over the world around us.  And then there is an earthquake.

Owen’s life seems to hang in the balance each day he lives.  His world has been one of ventilators, feeding tubes and beeping video displays.  Skilled surgeons, nurses and technicians attend Owen every moment he lives and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  Maybe when the doctors get through all the repairing of his heart he will be able to live a “normal” life.

I would appreciate your prayers for Owen and the medical staff who are attending him.  We need nothing short of a miracle to allow his parents to take him home from the hospital.  If you are interested in following Owen’s story click here.

Our joy has been muted some since this yawning baby photo was taken, but there is still joy. It may be several weeks before I post again on Cabinwoodworks.







Huatulco(wah-TOOL-co), Mexico

on February 11, 2014 with 6 Comments
in Traveling

After Hernan Cortes finished conquering central America in the early 16th century, the Spanish discovered a series of nine small bays on the Pacific coast of Mexico that made an excellent vantage point for Spanish galleons to resupply and rest.  What was not to like about the average year round 82 degree temperatures, sheltered bays, and […]

Couldn’t Stay Away

on January 12, 2014 with 6 Comments
in The Cabin

During the holidays Susan and I traveled to Calgary, AB to spend Christmas with my Canadian family. Then it was on to Atlanta to celebrate the new year with our children and grandchildren.  But the desire to see what Freddy our contractor had done to finish up the Cabin exterior was too great to not […]

Back In Florida

on December 20, 2013 with 2 Comments
in The Cabin

With fall temperatures staying below freezing many days on the mountain, and my completing most of the projects I had planned before leaving, I used our family gathering at Thanksgiving as the deadline to return to Florida.  Our contractor Freddie and crew have continued working on a few minor building tasks (like the roof and […]

You Can See It From Outer Space

on December 4, 2013 with 7 Comments
in The Cabin

You can’t really see our house project from space but you can see it from Big Bald Road. A few days ago a friend stopped by the shop to visit, and during the course of the visit mentioned he was driving down Big Bald Road recently and saw something he was not used to seeing […]

Fall Work

on November 16, 2013 with 4 Comments
in The Cabin

Wednesday morning I woke up with a dusting of snow on the ground and the mercury stuck at 15 degrees.  While the sun was shining, I was glad to have indoor shop work to take care of.  A door jamb needed to be built so I can get the front door, laying finished on my […]

Sunshine, Sleet and Rain

on November 5, 2013 with 4 Comments
in The Cabin

It is late fall here in the mountains.  At 4,300′ elevation, most of the leaves have fallen from the trees and temperatures drop below freezing almost every night. Some days the weather has gone from sunshine to rain to sleet and back to sunshine within an hour’s time span.  Facing our first hard freeze  last […]

Powered By Mountain Dew

on October 21, 2013 with No Comments
in The Cabin

Last week I spent the day with our stone mason and his crew moving an antique limestone chimney we purchased back in the spring.  The crew is made up of brothers, cousins, uncles and other odd relations too complicated for me to understand.  They are excellent stone masons, work hard lifting heavy stones to the […]

Like Hauling Coal to Newcastle

on October 6, 2013 with 10 Comments
in The Cabin

Just as the town of Newcastle was known as the source of coal in Victorian England, North Carolina is recognized as the origin of much of the US’s hardwood lumber.  So why did Susan and I leave North Carolina and drive to Sunshine State of Florida to pick up a 14,000 lb load of lumber […]

Cedar Shingle Laundry

on September 19, 2013 with 2 Comments
in The Cabin

The upper level of our remodeled cabin will be covered with sawn cedar shingles.  True to mine and Susan’s refusal to work from great heights form (and also refusal to pay for someone to do it for us) we have started staining the shingles before they are installed.  We are using Woodscapes by Sherwin-Williams semi-opaque […]